The Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

latest trends in mobile app development

Gone are the days of quickly developing a new mobile application and throwing it on the market. At least if you expect downloads. The modern consumer no longer thinks of apps as a novelty; the technology has matured. Consumers today want better user experience, increased security, and more opportunities for m-commerce.

Of course, they also want lightweight apps which don’t use too many phone resources, 100% up time, and cash to pour out of their screens at the touch of a button. To meet these demands (except for the instant cash, although that would be nice for everyone), expect to see these four innovations in mobile application development in the near future

Quality User Experience is a Must for New Mobile Apps

Mobile application development is no longer a new technology. Growth and maturity have increased competition for users and created higher expectations from clients. Businesses looking to separate from the pack will need to provide quality user experience to differentiate themselves from other apps on the market.

User interfaces have been a priority in programming for some time, but the rapid rise of mobile software has struggled to be consistent in this area while other hurdles were leapt. Now is the time to concentrate on the customer. They expect a quality experience and if it is not there, they will uninstall or not download at all.

Building an interface which resonates with users goes beyond graphic design and font selection, although it would be nice if it were that easy. Quality content and intuitive interactivity are just a few features most people are now expecting when they download. Engagement is becoming a highly-valued metric in the world of mobile app development, even more so than functionality in some demographics.

M-Commerce is Ready to Take on the World

Mobile technology is deeply rooted in convenience. Nothing is more convenient than leaving your wallet or purse in the car and shopping solely with your phone. Former barriers to implementation such as fingerprint recognition have now been comfortably addressed, leaving the m-commerce market wide open for businesses wanting to capitalize on a natural extension of smart phone technology.

With high profile retailers, such as Starbucks, paving the way, m-commerce is being gradually introduced to a growing number of consumers. Allowing customers to become accustomed to this transaction system is the first step in global acceptance of m-commerce. Once paying with your phone is habit, it will be an expected feature when visiting retailers.

M-commerce goes beyond point of sale for the smart development team. Capturing data for improved analytics is the real benefit. Using this information to refine service will be a powerful tool in the future.

An Emphasis on Security Will Attract More Downloads

Mobile technologies have long enjoyed the commonly held belief that they are harder to compromise and are thus more secure. Well, the party is over. With more people using mobile applications every day, the market is now large enough to attract hackers targeting personal information utilized by businesses to create a custom experience.

Developers who prioritize security will see increased interest in their products. Especially with more mobile commerce options being developed. Nobody wants to be unsure if their bank account is being accessed by the world every time they buy coffee. Promoting secure applications will alleviate these fears.

Security concerns often stem from inadequate explanation of permission requirements. If your application is asking for location and access to social media networks, be prepared to explain why. A little information can go a long way in establishing trust with security conscious consumers.

Beacons are Drawing Customers to Buy

You may not have heard of beacon technology but most likely you have interacted with it in some way. Beacons are small devices which can be positioned to take advantage of Bluetooth technology to capture location and details about a customer’s activity. For large stores, or merchants in a retail space housing multiple vendors, beacons can personalize the retail experience for existing customers and potential sales opportunities.

Beacon technology can be used for far more interesting purposes than location. A customer can have a personalized dialogue with a business while shopping, including product recommendations, reviews, and suggested items. Potential sales can be funneled through the store, providing a quality experience and generating more sales.

With personalized advertising already in place on most large sales platforms, integrating beacon technology allows you to take individualized marketing a step further. Collecting history and behavior patterns of actual shoppers inside your place of business is sure to strengthen sales in targeted areas.

Mobile Application Development Will Provide Increased Engagement and Personalization

Application development is entering a new age in innovation. No longer an up and coming resource, apps are now an integral part of any marketing strategy. With increasing focus on better user experience, higher engagement, and more personalization, mobile application development will need to concentrate on these areas to continue to serve customers in the ways they expect.

With more developers competing for clients and more clients demanding better design in their applications, competition is fierce among mobile applications. Utilizing these trends when creating your mobile products will help differentiate your business from the rest of the field and make your app a must-have on a crowded playing field.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Dan Custom Software

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